Medical science and evidenced based therapy practices can often be key components in helping make your dreams of happiness and fulfillment a reality. We are very lucky to live in a place and time where we have multiple options to choose from in becoming confident, productive and successful when life has not gone the way we've planned.



Creating happiness and fulfillment is never easy; however, I truly believe that when taking the time to follow the careful, therapeutic process including adding counseling to your plan, it allows for the advantage of planning not only your personal life and goals but your whole family's life and goals as well. In my professional opinion as a licensed clinical therapist, I recognize that each person is unique and that planning your emotional and relationship future for yourself, your family and partner is not a cookie cutter process, but it is essential to accomplish.


(Carla Lundblade, MS LPC NCC, worked with Kelly Osbourne, Hollywood Diet Project on the Lorriane Show for ITV)




My strategy is simple. It is to help you create a strategy within your life and your own family that will allow you to successfully withstand the inevitable pitfalls and setbacks during your amazing journey. I will learn as much about you and your history as possible. Using my collaborative therapy process based on my academic training, we will construct a solid life strategy that is designed to preempt many common problems, many of which can be avoided through knowledge, education and effective goal setting, negotiations and planning.


(Carla Lundblade, MS LPC NCC, worked with LA Dodgers Outfielder Matt Kemp, Salary Arbitration Team)




As an independent, licensed clinical therapist, I am not employed by any medical practice or pharmaceutical company, nor am I affiliated with any religious organization. Consequently, you will receive only my unbiased professional and empathetic guidance. Should you decide that therapeutic counseling is right for you, we will address any issues, ideas or concepts that potentially could develop into future problems. My goal is to equip you with the essential emotional tools to become happy, fulfilled and to create a warm and emotionally stable family environment.


(Carla Lundblade, MS LPC NCC, worked with Olympic Silver Medalist Manteo Mitchell at the 2012 Olympics & on set at The Doctors show)