First Responder PTSD with Carla Lundblade, MS LPC NCC & Retired Fire Captain Steve Demartin

Carla Lundblade, MS LPC NCC, Nationally Certified and Oregon Licensed Clinical Therapist, Trauma Expert, Individual, Child and Family Therapist conducts a candid interview about successful treatment for PTSD with Steve Demartin, Retired Fire Captain, 32 Years of Service.

This video is endorsed by the City of Sacramento and utilized as mandatory annual training for all fire and first responder personnel.

Steve Demartin (May 2019): "After this video aired in 2016, it has been used as mandatory First Responder PTSD training by departments annually. In yet another success story, I recently ran into a bunch of firemen from other departments. One guy pulled me aside and said that your video has changed the lives of at least 10 firefighters he knows. We talked at length about awareness and how it benefited people in the business. Your video has made a huge impact and so many lives of our First Responders have been saved. Incredible! You can now say that you have saved lives! Fine work, Carla!"